We got up SUPER early for a day out (hadn’t seen 7 am in a looong time) on the Emerald River Adventure with 3glav Adventures. We were picked up from our hostel by our guide Tim – a young Slovenian guy who told us some fun facts, and what I suspect were some outrageous lies, on our drive to Triglav National Park. First of all, they say you are not a true Slovenian until you have climbed to the top of Triglav. I believe this, however I do not believe that you have to pull your trousers down for a whipping with a rope at the top.

Our first stop was at Kranjska Gora, the home of a statue of the mythical gold-horned goat. Legend has it that a man fell in love with a woman from another valley, but their love was forbidden. So, of course, he got the idea that he needed to kill this magical goat and sell his horns to be with this woman. He wounded it but, he hadn’t banked on the goat eating a magical flower, recovering, and then kicking him into the valley to his death. Rookie error.



Next we drove up a mountain with about a million bends on the way, and every time I thought we were going to die for sure. At the top we did a little hike where we came across what is apparently the face of a fairy, trapped in the rock for eternity – I think she pissed someone off – and an abandoned cable car station that was used for supplies in WW2.


Next we went to Trenta Valley, to the source of the Soca River. We all filled our water bottles up here as the water was so cold and fresh (and clean!)


We were driven for lunch next at a restaurant. I had pizza.

After lunch it was time for white water rafting – this was SO much fun. The water was actually quite calm and we gently floated down the river for the first half, taking in the beautiful scenery as we went.



We stopped off halfway through to make a slide out of a raft and have a few goes on that.

Taking a break from white water rafting #gopro #bled #slovenia #interrailing

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It got a bit bumpy in the second half and our guide made us bump into a few rocks to spice it up a bit. Towards the end we all jumped in the ICE COLD water and floated the rest of the way back.

Next stop was a waterfall, with even colder water. So cold Lizzy declared that she had ‘brain freeze in her feet’.


And then we stopped off at a bridge to jump off. NOPE.


We were taken on a car-train next, which went straight through the mountain, and given a cold beer by our guide.


At about 8pm we arrived back at our hostel and ate dinner and collapsed after a looong day. The whole thing came to €110, €75 for the day and €35 extra for the rafting, which you HAVE to do. This was definitely the best day of our whole trip and 100% worth the money.


The next day it was absolutely BOILING and as we were tired after a long day the day before we decided to take it easy and lie around the lake, sunbathing and eating.

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  1. Annabel 31/08/2015 / 11:15 pm

    The mountains look stunning, but I am envious of all the photos!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • 01/09/2015 / 10:45 am

      Ah they were, such a gorgeous place! xxx

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