Our first evening we went out to get food and tried to find Metelkova, which is meant to be a cool, hippyish kinda neighbourhood with a lively nightlife. We couldn’t find any of the cool places I’d seen online (see above) but we did find some lively bars and a bit of graffiti.


We stayed at Zeppelin Hostel and the staff there were the CUTEST. That night the guy on duty put out bottles of wine and some plates of cake out for everyone to help themselves to. The rooms were also really nice and clean, definitely stay there if you go!

The next day it was too hot to function. We stayed at the hostel for a bit and the woman on reception was making drunk watermelon for that evening and provided us with endless (sober) watermelon and put out some squash for us and the other guests. When we finally went out of the hostel to face the heat we headed to the triple bridge, which as the name suggests is three bridges over the Ljubljanica River. This is a really pretty area and we had a little sit down in the shade and had ice cream. We are not good in the heat.


Our next stop was the Slovenian parliament. It’s certainly not the grandest houses of parliament you’ll ever see, but it does feature a LOT of naked people, so… This guy outside offered to take a picture of us by it and then rushed inside and brought back out 2 DVDs all about the parliament for us – why is everyone so cute here?


Sorry about the picture quality, my GoPro casing clearly needed a wipe… We weren’t originally going to go to Ljubljana but the trains to Split were more regular from there than Bled. I wish we’d had more time there really, because we hadn’t planned our trip there and we didn’t see much, it does seem like a lovely city. Have you ever been to Ljubljana? What did you do? I really want suggestions for next time I go!

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  1. Cayce 04/09/2015 / 8:53 pm

    Ohh, I’d love to visit Ljubljana!! (mostly because of the Metelkova pictures I have seen on IG)

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