This was a looong train so we made sure we got reservations this time, which were about £4 euros each. You can see a detailed list of all my spending in Prague here. We set off at 10ish from Prague and got to Budapest at around 5. We stayed in Paprika Hostel which was a small and really friendly hostel. We were staying in Paprika 1 which is the quieter hostel and they have another one, Paprika 2 is their other ‘party’ hostel down the road where pre drinks are usually held before their free ruin bar crawls. We got dinner at the kebab shop just below it Istanbul Kebabs which was really nice and super cheap.


The staff invited us out to a boat party run by Budapest Boat Party that evening which was 6500 HUF and ‘all you can drink’ – as much beer, wine and ‘champagne’ as you could manage in 2 hours. We had pres at the hostel playing Uno with some of the staff and guests before we went, but Lizzy and I didn’t bother pre-drinking because we were going to have ALL you can drink for two whole hours! Well when we got to the boat party it wasn’t all it seemed. There was one tiny bar at the top of the boat that we queued about an hour to get to. By the time we got there it seemed one of the women working there had had just about enough and she started shouting at everyone to GO. AWAY. while throwing cans of beer in every direction to get rid of the masses of people. Lizzy managed to get about 4 cans of beer but I wasn’t leaving until I got my ‘champagne’ goddammit. After I finally managed 2 miniscule glasses we went to the outside deck where the atmosphere was more chilled out and enjoyed the views of Budapest at night while talking to some people from our hostel. It was incredibly beautiful and almost worth the money.


When we got off the boat everyone was being ushered to a club next but we all decided to go back to the hostel. We had a drunk tour of Budapest during which we frequently got lost, weed outside the houses of parliament, and took many a selfie. One girl from our group ended up asking some guards where the nearest loo was and got escorted into some high-security embassy toilets.

Here’s me and the Hungarian House of Parliament:


Here’s us by some Olympic rings:


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