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We had a very late start after the boat party and decided to take it easy at the baths, which we thought would be a luxurious and relaxing experience. We bought tickets from our hostel for 4800 HUF and walked over there with 2 other girls from our hostel. After we’d got there and got changed our first priority was to rent towels for Lizzy and I, something you may think would be a straight forward affair. It was not. After about half an hour we finally found it and paid 1000 HUF plus a 2000 HUF deposit for its safe return.

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The baths themselves were a bit ‘meh’. You can tell they were once very grand and nice but upkeep clearly hasn’t been very good in recent times. Obviously they’re natural so chlorine-free, which is good because I hate chlorine and swimming pools. But yeah, they’re quite murky… The pools were all different temperatures, from boiling hot to freeezing cold. There were also saunas and steam rooms which I could not physically spend more than 2 seconds in.

The outside pool is a proper chlorinated swimming pool and also quite warm. This was the first time I tested out my GoPro waterproof casing, which I couldn’t believe actually worked!!! Without it I could never have captured shots like these:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 20.59.00Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 20.59.09After this we were STARVING so we stopped off and got some traditional Hungarian street food – langos. This is some deep fried bread with various toppings on, which sounded ideal. I went for garlic, cream and cheese on top. It started off well but halfway through it just felt heavy and garlicky and gross – this was most likely the hangover – but I ate it all like a trooper.

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Next we went to Heroes Square which has some nice statues, and then we’d had just about enough of being outside and went back to the hostel to lie on the sofas.

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For dinner we went to Hummus Bar where I had a sabich and falafel laffa which was SO nice and huge and only 890 HUF (~£2) the fresh lemonade there is also delicious!

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