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We finally made it to the hostel‘s free breakfast and it was so good. They had gone out and bought little pastries and had toast, butter, nutella, chocolate balls, milk, tea and coffee. Definitely an improvement on the meat, cheese and bread in the last hostel.

It wasn’t a very nice day – very cloudy and grey. We first went to the Chain Bridge and the Shoes on the Danube, a moving memorial to Jews made to take their shoes off on the bank before being shot into the river.

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For lunch we went to a place called Pizza EATaliano (see what they did there????) where we got their lunch menu of a dish and a drink for 1590 HUF and it was DELICIOUS. I got a very big portion of penne primavera. These seem to be dotted all around Budapest and I’d definitely recommend if you fancy Italian.

We then went to St. Stephen’s Basilica which was only 200 HUF to get in. It is beautiful inside and we didn’t go but you can climb to the top and get a really good view of Budapest.

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We climbed up Castle Hill, which was steep but bearable, and at the top were accosted by a guy in historical fancy dress working for 3D Past who convinced us to watch a film about Hungary’s history. It was really informative and well made and we were really glad we got to see it. We had a look around Fisherman’s Bastion but didn’t go in the paid bits (the view from the other bits was enough and paying seems super pointless) and the outside of Matthias Church.


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 20.57.28Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 20.57.38In the evening we went to Margaret Island to watch the light and fountain show and on the way got dinner at CheChe Bistrocafe which we just came across on the way. We both got hummus and mushroom sandwiches for 690 HUF and they were delicious!


The light show itself was free and really good. It had a mixture of old and new music and basically the water just moves in time and changes colour. It’s more impressive than I’ve made it sound. They even did a performance to Budapest by George Ezra. It plays 4 songs at 10.30, 17.00 and 19:30 and the full show at 18.00 at 21.00.
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