We got our train to Prague at quarter to 9 and it was PACKED. We hadn’t made a reservation and it seemed neither had any of the other backpackers so we were all crammed into the tiny corridor, sitting on our bags for 4 hours. To make it worse we were right next to the cabins, staring at people sitting comfortably in actual seats the whole time.


We arrived in Prague at about 1 and went straight to our hostel, Hostel Elf.  This hostel was so clean and nice compared to our last one!


After we’d dumped our stuff we went out to look around Prague but realised there wasn’t much to do within walking distance of our hostel. We did find some kind of festival thing on down the road with food and a DJ so we got some kind of profiterole thing covered in chocolate, and potatoes, pickled onions and gherkins smothered in melted cheese.



Later the hostel put on a free BBQ for everyone, which was just some weird sausage things and bread but it was nice enough and very kind of them. The hostel has a cool outside seating area with a bar so that night we sat around chatting with everyone.


The next day we started off going up Petrin Hill. We had gone back to the main train station to make reservations for our train to Budapest so as not to have a repeat of the 4 hours of hell on the last train, and while we were there we got a day metro, tram and bus pass for 110 CZK. It turns out that this also included the funicular railway up to the top of the hill.


There was a man who had brought his owls up, including a very cute baby one, and we spent quite a while petting and looking at these.



We also went up Petrin tower, apparently modelled on the Eiffel Tower. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be – I certainly hoped so at the time, but it was very wobbly and quite scary at the top, but the views were fantastic.

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When we got down we were looking around for somewhere cheap to eat for lunch for aaages before being practically dragged into this restaurant off the street with no prices on its menu (alarm bell number 1). We both ordered fried cheese and chips and only then did Lizzy get up the TripAdvisor app to look up the reviews. It was then that we realised what a terrible mistake we had made. 192 ‘terrible’ reviews. We had no choice but to eat our meal and wait for the bill. ‘How bad can it be?’ I asked Lizzy, the answer was very bad. 1144 CZK (£30) for 2 bits of fried cheese, some fries and a bottle of water. We’d been charged 350 CZK (£9.20) for each bit of fried cheese alone. I think on TripAdvisor it actually turned out to be the worst rated restaurant in the whole of Prague, quite the achievement. So if you happen to pass Malostranka Restaurace, probably give it a swerve.

Next on our itinerary was a Segway tour. I had been so excited about this since we booked it and I was not disappointed. We did the tour with Prague Segway Tours and had the best time. I did get off to a shaky start on the Segway but it was easy to get the hang of after some practice.



Our guide, I can’t remember his Czech name but he told us to call him ‘Vodka’, took us back up Petrin Hill to look at some more views, around the Jewish sector, the Old Town, the Lesser Town.


He even gave us some restaurant recommendations and took us to his favourite pub for his favourite beer (Segways aren’t considered motor vehicles in the Czech Republic so you’re allowed).


He took us to this fountain and told us if we stuck our hand under it we’d get good luck, not sure if he was having us on there. We finished at the Lennon Wall.



That evening we got pizza for dinner, wandered around the old town, and took in the views from the Charles Bridge.



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Outfit: Skirt – ASOSTop – TopshopShoes – Birkenstock; Sunglasses – Topshop; Cardigan – Missguided. Lizzy: Trousers – H&M; Kimono – H&M; Shoes – Birkenstock

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