If you’re planning a trip to Thailand in 2017, the most important question you probably have is how much you need to budget for all those buckets. In this post I’ll share what I spent overall and break it down place by place so you can get an idea of what each destination will set you back. My travel style is not particularly frugal – I ate Western food a lot and bought a fair amount of clothing and alcohol, but I did only stay in dorms. Consider this budget a little on the generous side.

Grand total for 20 days in Thailand: 38,811 THB/£893

Average cost per day: 1941 THB/£44.65

Some important prices:

  • Big Chang beer (640ml): 80-100 THB
  • Bottle of water (2l): 20 THB
  • Street food meal: 50-80 THB (cheaper in the north, more expensive on the islands)
  • ATM fee: 200 THB (applies to all ATMs, best to get 10,000 out at a time to minimise fees)
  • Laundry (1kg): 100 THB

For the first time I was in Bangkok and Koh Phangan I was on a tour (Thaintro) with accommodation, activities and some meals included so I haven’t included those days in this and we’ll start in Koh Tao. 

Ferry from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao: 450 THB

Koh Tao

7323 THB for 3 days/2441 THB per day

Average costs per day:

  • Food: 363 THB
  • Accommodation: 350 THB (Taco Shack)
  • Going out: 193 THB
  • Entertainment and activities: 1167 THB (3,300 on 2 fun dives and 200 THB for a boat to Koh Nangyuan)
  • Transport: 0 THB
  • Miscellaneous: 368 THB

Ferry, bus and ferry from Koh Tao to Koh Phi Phi: 1300 THB

Koh Phi Phi

6308 THB for 4 days/1577 THB per day

  • Food: 323 THB
  • Accommodation: 680 THB (Blanco Beach Bar and Apache Dorms)
  • Going out: 308 THB
  • Entertainment and activities: 91 THB
  • Transport: 0 THB
  • Miscellaneous: 175 THB

Ferry from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi: 300 THB


4410 THB for 4 days/1470THB per day

Average costs per day:

  • Food: 369 THB
  • Accommodation: 380 THB (Pak Up Hostel)
  • Going out: 22 THB
  • Entertainment and activities: 400 THB
  • Transport: 0 THB
  • Miscellaneous: 299 THB

Bus and ferry from Krabi to Koh Phangan: 700 THB

Koh Phangan

2288 THB for 2 days/1144 THB per day

Average cost per day: 

  • Food: 378 THB
  • Accommodation: 400 THB (Sarana Bungalows)
  • Going out: 1235 THB
  • Entertainment and activities: 0 THB 
  • Transport: 200 THB
  • Miscellaneous: 75 THB

Ferry to Surat Thani, overnight train to Bangkok: 1300 THB 


1353 THB for 1 day/1353 THB per day

Average costs per day

  • Food: 224 THB
  • Accommodation:  196 THB (Unitato Hostel)
  • Going out: 0 THB
  • Entertainment and activities: 0 THB
  • Transport: 214 THB
  • Miscellaneous: 719 THB

Flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai: 1125 THB

Chiang Mai

7065 THB for 3 days/2355 THB per day

Average costs per day:

  • Food: 470 THB
  • Accommodation: 220 THB (Spicythai)
  • Going out: 333 THB
  • Entertainment and activities: 983 THB
  • Transport: 113 THB
  • Miscellaneous: 36 THB

Bus from Chiang Mai to Pai: 200 THB


2889 THB for 3 days/963 THB per day

Average costs per day

  • Food: 446 THB
  • Accommodation: 180 THB (Spicypai)
  • Going out: 90 THB
  • Entertainment and activities: 40 THB
  • Transport: 57 THB
  • Miscellaneous: 150 THB

Slow boat from Pai to Luang Prabang: 1800 THB

I’d say this is a reasonable budget for Thailand if you’re not planning on being really frugal, and want to go out a fair bit. You might think you’ll only eat street food but in reality you will probably end up eating a fair amount of western food. Especially if you’re a vegetarian like me and your choices are a bit limited – there’s only so much fried rice with vegetables a girl can eat. It’s also really hard to say no to pizza.

Some budget tips:

  • Stay at a hostel with free breakfast – unless you can stomach Thai food for breakfast, you’ll end up spending 80-180 THB on eating a western breakfast out. It’s only toast, jam, bananas and tea/coffee but it’s normally all you can eat
  • Haggle in shops – I’m awful at this but generally whatever price you’re quoted, offer half and then come to an agreement somewhere in between
  • Stick to Thai food as much as possible – it’s not a crime to eat western food in Thailand, you’re going to want to from time to time, but western food is a lot more expensive

Because most of you aren’t idiots like me I’ve taken some of the incredibly avoidable costs I incurred out of the calculations above. Such as 4 rabies injections, being fined for overstaying my visa and losing my hostel room keys. But in case you’re curious about how much it costs to be stupid in Thailand:

  • 1st post-exposure rabies jab (category II) in Koh Phi Phi: 1900 THB (950THB to see the doctor and 950THB for the jab itself)
  • 2nd jab in Krabi: 410THB
  • 3rd jab in Bangkok: 1876THB 
  • 4th jab in Chiang Mai: 1198THB
  • Overstaying your Thai Visa by one day: 550THB 



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