What is it?

Thaintro is a 9 day tour in Thailand, starting in Bangkok and subsequently going to Khao Sok National Park and ending in Koh Phangan. It’s aimed at people starting a longer trip in Thailand and maybe also the rest of South East Asia. There is also an option to add on an extra 3 days in Koh Phi Phi, although this does extra not include a guide.

How much is Thaintro?

Thaintro is £549 (+ £149 for an optional 3 days in Koh Phi Phi add on, which I didn’t do)

How much spending money will you need?

I spent 7168 THB/£164 on the 9 days Thaintro tour. Averaging 796 THB/£18 a day. I was expecting to spend a lot less as accommodation was included, but all the alcohol on the nights out really adds up. Plus our group tended to choose to eat at a lot of western places.

The Thaintro 9 day itinerary

Day 1: Bangkok (click here to read my travel diary from Bangkok) – this day consists of arriving and settling into the guesthouse. In the evening there is an optional activity to go to Bangkok’s Sky Bar (not included in the activities on the tour). Meals included: none

Day 2: Bangkok – temple visiting with some local guides, followed by a boat trip on the river and your obligatory first tuk tuk ride (included in the tour). Then there will be some free time followed by a group dinner to Bombay Blues, an Indian restaurant. And then, of course, a wild night out on the infamous Khao San Road. Meals included: none

Thaintro - Bangkok

Day 3: Bangkok – in the morning there is a cooking class preparing 3 Thai dishes in groups (all vegetarian), followed by free time before catching an overnight train to Surat Thani in the evening. Meals included: L

Day 4: Khao Sok National Park (click here to read my travel diary from Khao Sok National Park) –  getting the boat to the accommodation – floating bungalows in stunning surroundings. A really good buffet lunch is there on arrival. The wholle day is free for tubing, kayaking, swimming and just generally messing around in the water. Another delicious buffet meal is served in the evening before playing some games. Meals included: L, D

Thaintro - Khao Sok National Park

Day 5: Koh Phangan (click here to read my travel diary of my time in Koh Phangan) – today is time to head to Koh Phangan to stay in Sarana Bungalows, right on the beach in Ban Thai. The rest of the day is spent playing in the pool and heading to a beach party in the evening. Meals included: none

Day 6: Koh Phangan – no activities planned this day except for getting a beach massage (included in the tour). Meals included: none

Day 7: Koh Phangan – a boat trip around the island visiting various beaches and maybe snorkelling (we didn’t get to).  In the evening there’s a BBQ at Sarana Bungalows followed by a bonfire on the beach. Meals included: L, D

Day 8: Koh Phangan – a trip to a local elephant sanctuary to trek with and wash the elephants. Then there’s free time before a farewell dinner and another beach party. Meals included: D

Day 9: Koh Phangan – this is leaving day when everyone says goodbye and moves on to their next destination 🙁

How much fun was it?

Amazing fun. We ended up with two tour guides as one was being trained up and they definitely made our trip. The group was also fantastic, we all got on like a house on fire and had such a laugh the whole time.

Was Thaintro good value for money?

Thaintro was actually only really 7 days long, despite the 9 days listed on the itinerary online, since day 1 you simply arrive, and the only thing you do on day 9 is leave. Also on day 6 there were no activities. A total of 6 meals were provided (you can see above which meals on which day). Overall for Thailand, this trip is very expensive – you could do all of this a lot cheaper yourself. However I feel you are really paying for the organisation, a great guide and a group to travel and share experiences with. There isn’t anything quite similar to this.

Thaintro - Koh Phangan

Any downsides to Thaintro?

I had a great time but was chatting to a girl in the Thaintro group after ours, who didn’t really get on with most of her group. I’m not sure if they were really all awful or she was exaggerating, but I’m sure you will like at least one person out of 23. We also had photos taken of us by one of the guides all throughout the trip, and were promised that they would be posted online. However, 2 months later we still haven’t seen any signs of them.

Would I do Thaintro again?

Definitely. I’ve already booked Balintro for a few weeks’ time! As a solo traveller this absolutely perfect – when you arrive in Bangkok you already have a group of people to hang out with and share everything with. You can, of course, meet people staying in hostels. However, having done a lot of solo travelling, I’ve found there’s no guarantee that you’ll make friends to travel with in every hostel. Usually friendships when you’re travelling are very fleeting, it’s very rare to find 23 people that actually stay together for as long as 9 days (practically a year when you’re travelling). I travelled with the majority of my group afterwards too, spending about 3 weeks with them in total.

This is also great for groups looking to socialise a bit more as well. Especially if you haven’t really done the whole travelling thing before. This is the perfect way to ease yourself into it by having everything organised for you at the start. The fact it’s only a short amount of time means you’re not tied down and can go and do your own thing afterwards.
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